Ship Structural Database

Easily Find, View Ship Structural Records
Visualize Structural Trends
Filter Structural Data Based on Location, Incident, Size, Date, Etc.
Overlay Data From Multiple Inspections

Comprehensive Structural Data Management
FracTrac was designed to satisfy the U.S. Coast Guard's Critical Area Inspection Plan (CAIP) resulting from the OPA-90 mandate which requires operators to closely monitor structural events such as fractures, buckling, and wastage. It embodies MCA Consultants' proprietary inspection data management package, database services, and more than 25 years in marine engineering.


FracTrac delivers complete inspection data control and management

  • Easily view event records with their associated photos, sketches and drawings.
  • Check status of repairs and deferred-repairs
  • Reveal event pattern frequencies—automatically
  • Filter using 17 fields, all with multiple selections
  • Sort by multiple fields
  • View records individually or in spreadsheets
  • Get summarized history of inspections and event totals
  • Automatically insert user-defined standard comments
  • Create custom reports

Visualize global and local structural trends

  • See event points plotted against a multi-viewport wire frame rendering of the ship
  • Click on points to view event attributes
  • See plan view tank contours of events
  • View bar charts of the records you select