Conceptual Designs:

  • 5000'-long mobile offshore base
  • Wave energy generation station
  • Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)
  • Kelp farm
  • Slope floating breakwater
  • Prestressed concrete barge
  • Harbor and airfield

New Designs & Analyses:

  • 125,000 DWT double hull tanker
  • Double Eagle (40,000 DWT) tanker
  • Deap sea drilling vessel, hull 456
  • SafeHull & DLA Analyses for tankers
  • Fatigue & fracture mechanics analyses
  • Mooring line pattern analysis
  • Design emergency towing system for tankers
  • NAVMOOR drag embedment anchor for US Navy
  • Concrete island drillng system
  • Crude oil pump design and manufacturing
  • Marine drilling derricks
  • US Navy Port Security Barriers
  • Spectral fatigue analysis for multiple Military Sealift Command ships

Repair & Conversion:

  • Glomar Explorer conversion to deep sea drilling
  • Santa Fe Drilling's tender assist drilling project
  • Tanker conversion to oil spill skimmer
  • Develop repair manuals for tanker fleet
  • Repair analysis of liquid ammonia carrier
  • Vibration analysis for MSC ro/ro conversion


  • P&ID verification for a major refinery
  • Ship hull inspections
  • On-site engineering support during shipyard periods

Data Aquisition:

  • HMS — Hull Monitoring System — continuously detect and display deck stress, bow emergence, and accelerations; warn when dangerous levels are approached
  • Mooring Master — Intrinsically Safe Mooring Line Tension Monitoring real-time identifi-cation of unsafe mooring line conditions; audibly alert watch personnel


  • Level 2 or 3 fabrication drawings
  • CAD overlay of existing hardcopy drawings
  • P&ID CAD drafting for a major refinery